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Oct 19 2017
For Sale: 45″ Leclerc floor loom for sale
4 harness Leclerc Jack loom with 2 reeds (12 and 8 dent); 3 shuttles, lease sticks
Good condition, currently being used and fully operational
Victoria location

Contact: Mary Haggerty
250 800 0486

Sept 27 2017 – 0904
Wanted: Hand operated drum carder, second hand
Contact Dorothy Jones

Sept 19 2017 – 0903
For Sale:
Weaving Books:
‘A Rug Weaver’s Sourcebook’ by Interweave Press, Inc. 1984 – $10
‘A Handweaver’s Pattern Book’ by Marguerite Porter Davison, 1975 – $10
‘Learning to Weave with Debbie Redding’ by Interweave Press, 1984 – $10

Contact: Maureen Meadley

Sept 10 2017 – 0901
For Sale:
Nilus Leclerc Loom 45″, 4 Shaft Jack-type loom with 6 treadles and 4 heddles
Comes with:
Sectional warp beam (value of over $250)
12 dpi reed, shuttles, warping board, everything you need to get started weaving today!
In great shape from a smoke free and pet free home.
Comes apart into easy to transport pieces.

Contact: Penny Nightingale


Aug 17 2017 – 0803
To give away:
Small frame loom, about 24″ X 24″ X 24″ and comes with another wooden frame of about 24″ X
40″ with 7″ pegs sticking out. I would like to find someone who would like to have it.

Contact:Gerard Bernhoff

July 18, 2017 – 0704
To give away:
small, 3 feet high,
wheel 18” across. Made of dark wood and quite old as it was used by my grandmother in the 30’s and 40’s. We do not
need money for it, just a good home or a donation to the food bank.

If interested please call Deb at 250 595 0742.

July 14, 2017 – 0703
For Sale:
Harrisville 45″ Rug Loom (4 shuttles) It is in Vancouver and can be delivered if necessary. Asking price is $4500 but accepting offers.
Contact: Paula
807 632 8927

July 10, 2017 – 0702
To give away:
A friend of mine has a spinning wheel that his late father made that he wants to place with a good home. Gather it is a good design, but have no idea if it works, it was just a wood work project for a retired craftsman.

If interested, please contact Barry:


June 2, 2017 – 0601
Help needed:
I have Zephyr (wool/silk blend) yarn.
I need some of it overspun to make 2 collapsible weave scarves.
My estimate so far is approx. 1700 yds overspun per scarf.
I would like to start the warp in July after the ANWG conference.
Are you willing to spin the yarn for me?
Please contact: Caroline, phone : 250-383-0636,

May 31, 2017 – 0506
For sale:
I have a small hobby farm in Metchosin, with three alpacas and one pet sheep. I have a large amount of brown with with white flecks rovings (alpaca 70% wool 30%) for sale. This was processed by Saltspring Wool Mill, and was probably some of the last work they did as they have sold their machines. No chemicals, except soap, and no dyes used.
I need help to use my alpaca rovings! I am happy to donate some to the Guild or individuals for test samples of yarn or felt or what have you. Please call Sandy at 250-478-5334 or email

May 31, 2017 – 0505
For sale:
Weaving equipment
Dennis is divesting his home of the weaving supplies amassed by his beloved wife, Audrey Phillips before her passing. A garage-type sale will be held:
     June 10th and 11th
     9:00 am to approx. 3:00 pm
     at 680 Strandlund Ave.
There is street parking, but you might like to think about carpooling.
Here is the list: Dennis-Garage-Sale.
The prices are firm as Dennis will donate the funds to the Chemo centre and the Cancer Society.

May 27, 2017 – 0504
For sale
If anyone is interested in taking Rebecca Mezoff’s Tapestry workshop at the ANWG Conference on Saturday July 1, and you missed registration, please call or email me. I also have the small tapestry loom she recommends.  Contact Prairie at 250-381-7091 or

Apr 18, 2017 – 0402
To give away:
Rigid heddle loom, approx. 20″ wide.
hand bobbin winder
warping board
warping mill
4 harness loom (in pieces)
All items belonged to our mother, who would want them to go to someone who will love and use them.
Please contact Mark Finnis at

Jan 30, 2017 – 0103
For sale:
Weaving Supplies
– Yarns on cones and in skeins
Spinning Supplies
– Fibres to spin as follows:
– – Combed New Zealand Cross breed 600 grams
– – Wool Top (Louet)
– – NZ Corriedale 250 grams, colour Burgundy
– Reed in varying sizes
Books on Weaving
– All books are like new. View the book list: k-wilcock-weaving-books-apr-2017
For other information, please contact
Kathryn Wilcock at 250-655-6585 or

Jan 15, 2017 – 0101
Weaving supplies for sale:
Spinning Wheel, comes with 2 flyers – A standard double flyer (has two whorls) for very fine yarn to medium yarns and a big country flyer for thick to very thick yarn.  Also comes with two bobbins & a threading hook finished that match the wheel. In excellent condition, only used a few times.  Has a 21″ wheel, lovely grain in the wood.  This wheel looks like a lovely piece of furniture rather than just utilitarian.  Asking $350 OBO

Medium Size Warping Board – about 12 yards, dimensions of the frame are 37.5 x 20.75″, has metal pegs, frame is tight, nothing is loose or bent. (New board 22 x 40″, with wood pegs is $118 + tax + S&H) Asking $45
10 Boxes of Weaving and Knitting Yarns – $25 to $60 each or $300 for all 10 boxes
– 1 box natural wool, mostly 2 ply $50
– 1 box natural, mostly specialty yarns & some samples, mohair, bouclés, hand spun, 2 ply, etc. $70
– 1 box whites, mostly specialty yarns, mohair, bouclés, 2 ply & 1 ply $60
– 2 boxes blues, wide variety of yards, wool, acrylic, mohairs, 2 ply, single ply hand spun, 1 large spool of fine natural color wool $60 each
– 1 box greys & deep greens, mostly all wools, 2 ply, hand spun single ply, variegated mohair $25
– 2 boxes rusts & oranges, wide variety of yarns, mostly 2 ply, some bouclés and variegated mohair $40 each
– 1 box browns, variety of mostly wools, 2 ply, hand spun single ply $25
– 1 box yellows, variety of wools, cotton, acrylic & chenille $30

For more information (photos available) email