June Drop-In Evening – June 28, 7 to 9 pm

The Guild Drop-In Evening is an opportunity to get together with guild members for an informal evening of conversation and sharing. Bring your spinning wheel, knitting or other project to work on. Bring questions if you’d like help from other members. Bring Show & Tell to share. Non-members are welcome.

Our new meeting place is at St Luke’s Hall, 3821 Cedar Hill Cross Road (www.bc.anglican.ca/greater-victoria/st-luke).

Masks required for now, and the venue has plenty of space for distancing.  We cannot use the kitchen for now, so if you wish some tea/coffee, you must bring you own ready to drink.

Zoom drop-Ins are now held on the SECOND Tuesday of the month. Zoom invitations will be sent to all guild members by email shortly before the date.

Workshop: Introduction to Weave Structures

September 18 – October 23, 2022  Five Sunday afternoons (not the 9th which is Thanksgiving) – 1:00 pm to 5:00pm

Maximum Number of Students: 6

Cost: Members $320.00 Non-members $360.00

Workshop registration form and payment information is available on the Victoria Handweavers’ and Spinners’ Guild web site: vhwsg.ca

This class will introduce students to various weave structures.  Any one of these could be an in-depth class of its own, but here you will get a taste of different structures, looms, and fibres.  This will be a ‘round robin’ class: each student will receive a warp and details for threading your loom at home before coming to class.  The looms will be taken to (and left at) the studio for the duration of the class so students will be able to work on each one. Students, please indicate which structure you wish to put on your loom.

1. M’s and O’s
2. Bronson Lace
3. Swedish Lace
4. Summer & Winter
5. Crackle
6. Overshot

Workshop looms are available from the Guild to guild members if you don’t have your own to bring to class.

Guild Helpline

Helpline within the Guild – July 2021 (gethelp@vhwsg.ca )
We are initiating a resource helpline. The aim is to help make connections between members easier. The challenge for many of us is what to do or who to talk to when we need help or support, want more information, have a question or problem. The help line provides one place for any member to make an initial contact with a guild member who can assist them.