September Guild Meeting – “Virtual” Saanich Fair Challenge – September 16

The Virtual September Saanich Fair Challenge is rapidly approaching!  This is an opportunity for guild members to share their needle and fibre arts works with others in the guild and the public.  All submissions will be uploaded to the Guild’s website and viewers will be able to vote on People’s Choice in each of the ten categories.  The Saanich Fair Challenge is the topic of the September 16th guild meeting. Deadline for online submissions: August 31, 2021


Fibrations is back!

We are excited to announce that Fibrations will be happening again this year!!  COVID precautions will be in place. Free Event!  But bring your Twooniees to support the raffle 🙂

September 19, 2021.   Fairfield Community Center, 1330 Fairfield Road  More info:

The guild is planning on having a presence and we need volunteers.

Guild Helpline

Helpline within the Guild – July 2021 ( )
We are initiating a resource helpline. The aim is to help make connections between members easier. The challenge for many of us is what to do or who to talk to when we need help or support, want more information, have a question or problem. The help line provides one place for any member to make an initial contact with a guild member who can assist them.


“Weaving in a Parallel Universe” Workshop with Linda Hartshorn (Jan/Feb 2022)

We will be offering this Zoom workshop by Linda Hartshorn on Jan 29, Feb 5 & 6th 2022.

Deadline for registration is November 15, 2021.

The workshop runs 2 1/2 days. On the full days lectures are 3 times a day, usually 10 am, 1 pm and 4 pm our time. The 4 pm is a review and sharing of the student’s work. The last day is one lecture at 10 am usually.

Skill Level: Intermediate, Advanced

Cost: Final cost is yet to be determined and the number of participants will help determine that. Linda is willing to have up to 20 people signed up. We are aiming to keep the cost below $200 (as a reference only). Method of payment will most likely be cheque sent to the Guild mailing address.

Material List:

Floor or table loom, 8 or more shafts, in good working order. Loom will be pre-warped according to instructions. Two boat shuttles with bobbins, scissors, weft yarn in a variety of colors and weights, tape measure. Pen, pencil and paper for notetaking and drafting exercises. Computer, internet access and Zoom capability.

Those interested in this workshop can fill out the Workshop Registration form and email a pdf me