In-Person Drop-In Evening – Fibre Preparation – Nov 29, 7pm

The Guild Drop-In evening is open to everyone – members and non-members alike. This is a time for visiting and getting to know each other. The Drop-In is held every month on the last Tuesday of the month from 7 – 9 pm at St. Luke’s Church Hall.

This month we’re adopting a loose theme of carding / fibre prep, so if you have any relevant work in progress or tools you’d enjoy telling people about, please bring them.  And if you don’t, then please still come – this is only a loose theme.

In person drop-ins will take December off, and be back in 2023 on the last Tuesday of every month except December.

Virtual drop-ins continue as usual: second Tuesday of every month, 7-9pm, email to get the Zoom link if you don’t already have it.

Drop-In’s are a time to visit, share your creations and ideas, help others with problems and generally have a fibre-oriented social time! Everyone is welcome!

Upcoming workshops for 2023

There are several workshops in the works for the coming year. There will be a Beginners Weaving Workshop in the Spring with Raven teaching and Brenda as her assistant. If there is interest, another Beginner Spinning Workshop could also happen in the Spring. There are two workshops planned in conjunction with Programs presentations, Indigo Dyeing with Jane Ireland in March and Yarn Construction for Spinners (one-day workshop),a follow up to the February lecture with Vanessa Bjerreskov. That will be held at the beginning of March. When the weather warms up and we can do an outside workshop, Joanne Byskov will show us how to make a garden trellis.

Guild Helpline

Helpline within the Guild –
The aim of the help line is  to help make connections between members easier. The challenge for many of us is what to do or who to talk to when we need help or support, want more information, have a question or problem. The help line provides one place for any member to make an initial contact with a guild member who can assist them.