Welcome everyone to the Victoria Handweavers and Spinners Guild Garment Challenge in celebration of our 90th year as a guild. Click on this link to learn about the guild’s history (https://vhwsg.ca/about/guild-history/). The goal of the garment challenge was to encourage guild members to expand their knowledge, stretch their skills, rescue fibre, yarn and yardage from their stashes, and take some leaps of faith in creating clothing that they wove, sewed, knitted, crocheted or felted. We had 23 submissions that were modelled during our fashion show on May 5, 2024.

Prior to the fashion show, we had four judges who as a group looked at each of the submissions, and presented awards based upon specific categories. The judges were Penny from Gala Fabrics, Jeanine from The Makehouse, Julia from The BeeHive Wool Shop, and Fiona from Cedar Coast Fibre Arts. I would also like to express our appreciation to the sponsors of the prizes for the different categories. In addition to the guild, we had The BeeHive Wool Shop, Knotty by Nature, Chaotic Fibres, Jill’s Fibres, the Vancouver Island Fibreshed, and Jane Stafford Textiles.

Richard Marshall took photographs of the garments as worn by Vintage Fashion Showcase models during the show, and these photos have been uploaded to the website for viewing.

People’s Choice Award

We are now ready to open the judging up to Guild members to select a favorite – the People’s Choice. You can scroll through all the photos below using the scroll bar as usual. Each photo is followed by a description of the garment. Scroll up/down using the scroll bar to see all of the items.

Once you have viewed all of the descriptions, click on any image which will  then allow you to scroll left and right through the photos using the arrows (or other haptic technologies if your device permits!) In this view, you can vote for your favourite item by clicking the “heart” at the top right of the screen.

Voting is open until 5 pm on May 17. Results will be announced at the guild meeting on May 21.

Note: in order to vote, you must click on any photo in the original display to shift to the “slide show” view which includes the “heart” at the top of the screen.