The Guild Book Sale will end on June 25th, 2021.

Please have your order placed by June 25th or it will not be filled.

The Guild book, audio-visual and magazine sale is open to anyone who wishes to buy materials.

You can download PDFs of the materials for sale below.

Books, booklets, and audio-visual items are $2 each.

The magazine bundles are $1 each. Magazines are bundled by year and consist of 3 to 6 magazines. Some years are missing an issue or two; where possible, we have indicated the missing issues on the list. There are indexes online for Spin Off, and Vav back to 2004. You may be able to use these to decide if you want a particular bundle of magazines or just take pot luck and see what you get.

To buy books, audio-visual items, and magazines, send an email to listing your choices by title and author and/or by magazine name and year. You will be able to pick-up your choices from one of three locations: Victoria, Esquimalt, or N. Saanich or you can have your books mailed to you at your expense. Please indicate how you would like to pick-up your books. You will be contacted to make arrangements for pick up and payment. Please bring exact change or a cheque, or we can arrange an e-transfer. Requests will be filled in the order they are received.

Revised Book List (6 pages) Revised June 19
Revised Magazine List (3 pages) Revised June 19
Revised Audio Visual List (1 page) Revised June 19

If you would like an emailed copy of the list(s) contact

The lists are sorted by author. If you are looking for a specific title and do not know the author’s name, download the list to your computer and open it with Adobe. In the top left corner of the page is a magnifying glass. Click on it and type in the keyword you are using. Hit Return and the program will find all instances of that keyword.

If you want to know more about a particular book, type the author and and title into your browser. Many of these books are for sale in Amazon or another book seller. You will usually get a picture of the book and sometimes some additional information.

Any questions or concerns, please email