Welcome to the Guild’s Saanich Fair Fall Challenge! The ten categories chosen to represent the range of items usually in the fibre-related displays at the Fair are each displayed in a separate gallery below. Please enjoy the show! Makers of these items will have an opportunity to present and talk about their work at our September 17th meeting.

If you want to see the photos enlarged just click on any picture and each photo will be enlarged. Some photos will not enlarge any further.  You can scroll left and right through the photos using the arrows (or other haptic techologies if your device permits!) In this larger view, you can vote for your favourite items by clicking the “heart”     at the top of the screen.

Voting has closed for the 2020 Saanich Fair Challenga. The category winners are marked with virtual “ribbons”. Thanks for everyone’s participation!

Handspun skein from raw fibre, not less than 25 yards

Handspun skein, not less than 25 yards (commercially prepared fibre)

Knitted or crocheted article of clothing, from handspun skein

Needle felted article

Wet felted article

Weaving, clothing article, any size (e.g, scarves, shawls, jackets, etc.)

Weaving, non-clothing article (e.g, towels, placemats, rugs)

Handwoven basket

Tapestry, any size

Any other wool/fibre art article not listed