This is a page to share the best online resources that we find!

There’s a lot of information on the web and it can take a while to search out useful posts. If you find a YouTube video, blog, and/or website that you like and refer to repeatedly, this is the place to share it with fellow guild members. Please send your suggestions to or and we can create a link on this page.

Member-created Material

If you’ve created a tutorial, overview, blog or any other on-line material that you would like to share with the rest of the guild, please send the link. Note that this page is in the public section of the guild’s website, so you need to be comfortable with anyone on the web viewing your post.

  • One Small Stitch – Guild member Jean Betts blogs about spinning, weaving, dyeing and scrapping.
  • Crowing Hen (Youtube channel) – local farming and fibre craft

Online Magazines and Related Content

  • Handwoven and Spinoff – check out the LIBRARY tab and the Long Thread media podcasts. Find indexes for past issues by typing index into the Search box at the top of the page.
  • Digits and Threads is a Canadian fibre and textile-arts magazine.
  • Ply Magazine – website includes a blog and a link to their YouTube channel.
  • VAV Magasinet – archive, weaving tips, blog and more.
  • offers weaving drafts and historical documents.
  • Guild of Canadian Weavers – various resources, including a tea-towel exchange and a quarterly bulletin. You can download the bulletin from the website using the password found in our (VHWSG) January 2023 newsletter.
  • Hand Spinning News. A monthly round up of interesting news about spinning in the UK.

Best of the Web

Please send us links to online videos or blogs that you find useful for your craft. ( or

General information

  • Refer to our Workshops page for guild workshops offered by many different teachers.
  • Ravelry is a community website that started for knitters and has expanded to other fibre arts. Free to join and filled with information.
  • Dress Pattern Making is a website that teaches you how to make your own pattern blocks for sewing. Extremely comprehensive and free!
  • Textile is a website that profiles fibre arts artists and their work.
  • A tutorial on making a lined pouch bag with a zipper.



  • – a valuable source of weaving drafts, classic publications and tools for colour and drafting new patterns
  • Videos from Jane Stafford on a range of topics:
  • Daryl Lancaster offers tips on sewing hand-woven cloth and has patterns for sale.
  • Random Acts of Color – Denise Kovnat is interested in extended parallel threadings, fine yarns, hand-painted warps, deflected double weave and collapse techniques. She blogs, offers workshops and lectures.
  • Weaving Space – Cally Booker’s website offering online how to lessons, a blog and workshops.
  • Warp & Weave – Tien Chu’s website offering online workshops, publications – especially on the use of colour.
  • Laura Fry’s Youtube channel and website
  • Handweaving Academy – Ongoing classes and projects by Tien Chu and Janet Dawson