We hope that everyone is well and coping with the current public health emergency. For those of you employed in essential services, we thank you for working to help us all. For everyone at home, we hope that you will take this time to stay out of the public as much as possible and be creative!

At the moment, it is uncertain when we will meet in person again, so we would like to keep everyone connected as much as possible. We know that many of you will be using the time to work on projects at home. We would like to share your creations with the Guild membership. So, if you can, please take photos of your work and write a little story about your project (include the details we all love to know!)

We will continue to publish our monthly newsletter featuring an electronic “Show & Tell”. Please continue to send in photos of your “at home” projects along with details and “the story” to the newsletter

You can also post your project to the VHWSG Private Facebook Group  if you are a member of the group.
—— Not a member? Click on the “+ Join Group” button on the group page. You will need a Facebook account. There is no deadline so keep your projects or interesting reading options coming!

For those not “on” Facebook, we can also display your works on our public Facebook page. We can post your photos for you, if you are in agreement. You can email them to the Outreach committee

And watch here for a virtual Show & Tell coming next week!

Meanwhile enjoy some memories from Texere 2019 ….

April Update