Anna’s topic: Canadian Wool: Where we’ve been and where we’re going

Historically Canada had a thriving wool industry that valued the work of shepherds and manufactured the wool that was grown. In the last 80 years production has moved to low-wage countries and the majority of sheep farmers don’t see any value in their wool. The industry is at a crisis point. However, the passion and innovation of small-scale fibre farmers and artisan mills is leading a revitalization of the industry. Anna Hunter will share her vision for the Canadian Wool Industry and how everyone who loves wool and fibre arts can play a role.

The presentation will be in two halves. The first will be on our meeting night, January 17th and the 2nd will be a daytime presentation, also by Zoom, on January 24th at 3pm. The meeting will be wholly by Zoom.

January Guild Meeting – Anna Hunter of Long Way Homestead – on Zoom – Jan 17