The Virtual September Saanich Fair Challenge is rapidly approaching! Deadline for photos is August 31!

This is an opportunity for guild members to share their needle and fibre arts works with others in the guild and the public.  All submissions will be uploaded to the Guild’s website and viewers will be able to vote on People’s Choice in each of the ten categories.  The Saanich Fair Challenge is the topic of the September 16th guild meeting. Deadline for online submissions: August 31, 2021

What:  Any needle or fibre arts work (e.g. weaving, spinning, knitting, crocheting, felting, basketry, etcetera) created by a guild member since the 2020 Saanich Fair Challenge.  You can enter as many items as you like.  There are ten categories for the Challenge:

I. Handspun skein from raw fibre, not less than 25 yards
II. Handspun skein, not less than 25 yards (commercially prepared fibre)
III. Knitted or crocheted article of clothing, from handspun skein
IV. Needle felted article
V. Wet felted article
VI. Weaving, clothing article, any size (e.g, scarves, shawls, jackets, etc.)
VII. Weaving, non-clothing article (e.g, towels, placemats, rugs)
VIII. Handwoven basket
IX. Tapestry, any size
X. Any other wool/fibre art article not listed

How:  Send submissions to no later than August 31, 2021.  Please put Saanich Fair Challenge 2021 in the subject line.

  1. Photo should be in colour and a jpg file that is 2 – 5 MB.  Please do NOT send a ‘small’ copy of your photo if prompted by your email program – we need the full-size version to make a good display for the meeting. We will contact you if the photo you send is too small for the show.
  2. Photos should be sent with artisan’s name as part of the photo name.  For example, if Jane Doe sent a photo of a weaving the file name would be Doe, Jane – My Delight.jpg.
  3. Description of photo should be no more than 200 words
  4. Assign the item to a category.
  5. For suggestions on how to take the best photos, you can refer to Katrina Stewart’s photography handout which can be accessed through the newsletter archive on the website ( ).  Use Weave^Beauty! as the password.

Voting and People’s Choice:  Once all submissions are loaded onto the website and the Challenge goes live, viewers will be instructed on how to vote for their favorites.  Virtual ribbons will be awarded to those that are chosen in each category.    The announcement of the winners will be made during the September guild meeting (September 16, 2021).

September Guild Meeting – “Virtual” Saanich Fair Challenge – September 16