At the April general meeting, the following motion will be proposed with the intent of raising membership fees in the upcoming year.

We move that Article 3.1 in the VHWS Guild Rules and Regulations shall be amended to read “Active Members are required to pay annual dues of $40″ and article 3.2 shall be amended to read ” Annual dues for Associate Members and Student Members shall be $20.


Our originally planned guests, Skwetsimeltxw Willard ‘Buddy’ Joseph and Chepximiya Siyam’ Chief Janice George of The Weaving House, are unable to be with us for the April 19th meeting. We are hoping that they will be able to present at a future meeting in the coming year.

The new plan for April 19 is: “Le Grande Show & Tell”. This will be show & tell with a different format for this occasion. It will provide an opportunity for the guild to interact with Show & Tell participants on a more personal level, to ask questions, and to hear more detailed information from the creators about their creations. For those who wish to participate with their creations for “Le Grande Show & Tell”, please read the following:

SET UP –  We will spread out the tables down the far side of the room, the front of the room, and perhaps the back as needed. During set up, I will ask people with similar genre articles to group themselves together at the same tables. Each participant will be asked to write descriptive & interesting details about their creative process for their individual articles on a new Show & Tell Sheet. You can view (and print) a copy of the sheet. Click HERE for the Show & Tell Sheet.
PRESENTATION – When it is time for Show & Tell, I will ask the participants to go to their spots at the tables. Then I will ask each of them to introduce themselves to the group by name, to hold up their creation, and to give only one unique sentence to describe their show & tell. After all have been introduced in this way, the “audience” will be invited to move between the tables as they wish, to discuss the creations with the individual creators in more detail.
April General Meeting – Thursday April 19 (doors open at 6:30 pm)