Demonstration Evening & Wear What You Made Theme.

A number of exciting volunteers have come forward to demonstrate their skills and are planning to demonstrate some very interesting and unique skills:

Using Your Handwoven Stash to Create Woven Gift Boxes;
Warping a 4 Shaft Table Loom;
Weaving of the Theo Moorman Technique for Inlay / Surface Design;
Weaving a Jakima (Narrow Band) / Backstrap Weaving of Peru;
Sakiori Weaving of Sari Silk on a Saori Loom

Art Yarn from Locks & Batts;
Flax Spinning
Re-use of Fabric Structures to Produce a Variety of Yarns for Many Purposes;

Needle Felting

Circular Sock Knitting Machine

There will be No Show & Tell but have a look around for people wearing what they made.

January General Meeting – Thursday January 18 (doors open at 7:00 pm)