The guild owns the following equipment that Members may rent


Loan Request form: Equipment Loan Request

Equipment Rental for a 3 month period:

  • Large equipment (looms and spinning wheel): $25 for 3 months
  • Small equipment  (hackles): $15 for 3 months

For anyone needing equipment for a workshop, there is no rental fee. Equipment will be loaned for a 1 month period, if required for a longer time, it will then revert to our standard rental policy.

  • Woolhouse table looms, 15” weaving width, 8 shaft, the Guild has 3 looms available
  • Dorothy Table Loom and Stand, 12” weaving width, 4 shaft
  • Leclerc Nilus floor loom, 4 shaft, 27”, 12 dent reed, 2 lease sticks, sleying hook, crank and bench. This loom is at Kathy Ready’s studio. You will need to arrange your own transportation for it, fits in the back of an SUV or pick-up truck. It is available when not in use for workshops.
  •  24” Ashford Rigid Heddle Loom with stand, 4 Reeds, stick shuttle, warping peg, clamp, heddle hook, fringe twister
  • 12” Ashford Knitters Loom with stand, 3 Reeds, stick shuttles, warping peg, clamp and sleying hook
  • Inkle loom, maximum warp length is about 8 feet.
  • Lendrum Spinning Wheel, Single Treadle, folds for transportation, standard and jumbo flyers, 4 bobbins, Lazy Kate, plying and spinning drive bands
  • Louet S10 Spinning Wheel, Single Treadle, 3 bobbins, on board Lazy Kate. This is a bobbin led or Irish tension wheel.
  • Pat Green Drum Carder with Doffing Stick, medium carding cloth
  • Wool Blending Hackles, Tip cover, 2 clamps, tine straightener, and 6 Diz
  • Leclerc Warping Board (in box)
  • Bobbin Winder- 2 available
  • Misc weaving items include boat shuttles, stick shuttles, folding skein winder etc

When renting equipment, it would be very much appreciated if you return it cleaned and ready to go for the next renter. We have very limited facilities at the church storage locker. If you are new to the equipment you are renting, please ask questions on how it works!
For the Drumcarder, please try and avoid bending any of the teeth on the carding cloth. The licker (small drum) and the carder (large drum) should never have the teeth hitting each other. They should be a credit card width apart from one another, please stop using it and contact the equipment manager if this is happening. Less is more! Don’t feed too much at once.

The Guild is not responsible for any injuries caused by the renter using the equipment, the renter uses it at their own risk.