We are initiating a resource helpline. The aim is to help make connections between members easier. The challenge for many of us is what to do or who to talk to when we need help or support, want more information, have a question or problem. The help line provides one place for any member to make an initial contact with a guild member who can assist them.

Topic areas include: weaving, technical weaving details, looms, spinning and spinning equipment, fleeces, knitting, felting, natural and chemical dyes, basketry, yarns, sewing with hand woven fabric, and probably more.

The way it works is you send a question/query to gethelp@vhwsg.ca . Your question will be matched with a member who has volunteered to be a resource within their area of interest/expertise. Your query will be forwarded to a resource person who will then contact you.

If you would be willing to help a fellow member about a question/problem they have (in your area of expertise), please consider adding your name to the (unadvertised) list of resource people. Please send your name, email and areas of experience to gethelp@vhwsg.ca