Date: Oct 28th, Nov 4th and 11th from 1:30pm to 4:30 pm

Location: Brentwood Bay

Cost: $150 for Guild members and $190 for non-Guild members.

Wheels may be available for the workshop, if you are a Guild member you can also rent a wheel after the workshop is over.

This workshop will get you started in the world of spinning, you’ll learn some of the terms used for wheels and fibre as well as several spinning techniques and plying. Fibre will be provided for an additional $25.

Week 1: Learn to names of all the parts on the spinning wheel, and different wheel set-ups (double drive, Scotch tension, Irish tension), learn to spin Short Forward Draft

Week 2: What does it mean to spin Worsted or Woolen? What’s the difference between batts, roving and top? What if you want to buy a fleece? Learn to spin Short Backward Draft. Practice on using combs and handcarders.

Week 3: What should you look for or look out for when purchasing a wheel? Learn to ply.

See the Workshops for registration details.

Beginning Spinning Workshop (FULL)