Invitation to submit articles to the Exhibit/Sale, according to the following steps:

  • Make sure your guild membership is up to date (if you aren’t receiving your newsletter, your membership is probably not up to date) [link to membership list?]
  • Read the guidelines to ensure that your articles are all acceptable. [link to guidelines/standards]
  • Decide whether or not your items are for sale and the price you want for each item. Please read the minimum pricing guidelines. [link to pricing guidelines and sale specifics]
  • Find your Guild Member Designator and assign an item number according to the following directions. [link to list of designators and instructions on assigning specific item numbers]
  • Fill out an inventory sheet [link to the inventory sheet here — available in PDF, to be printed off and completed by hand]
  • Complete your Artisan’s Bio and attach a photo of yourself [link to fillable artisan’s bio, complete, print off, and attach a photo]
  • Prepare Hang tags for each of your items [link to sample of the hangtags with instructions for each section]

On the Collection Day(s) you must bring all of your articles with hang tags , inventory sheet, payment, and Artisan Bio with photo to the designated site (about the end of March)