2018 – 2019


President: Laura Proctor
Vice President: Caroline Startin
Past President: Christine Purse
Secretary: Kathy Ready
Treasurer: Cora Timothy
Membership: Jennifer Verrall
Newsletter: Elizabeth Woudsma
Programs: Vacant
Workshops: Prairie Escallier

Standing Committee Chairs

ANWG Rep: Alix Lines
Equipment Manager: Cora Timothy
Historian: Christine Purse
Hospitality: Holly Vickers
Librarian: Anne Ballantyne
Outreach: Barbara Williams
Permanent Collection: Jean Betts
Scholarships: Arlene Kohut
Exhibitions & Standards: Gail Maier
Website Coordinator: Diane Gray

Guild Documents

Expense Report:  Please fill out the following form and present it to the Treasurer for reimbursement. Cheques will not be issued without a complete report.

Note:  The form can now be filled out electronically and then printed or emailed.  You will probably need to open the document in a pdf viewer other than your browser. You can always simply print the form and use a pen or pencil to fill it out.

Download Expense Report