2020 – 2021


President: Christine Purse  (president@vhwsg.ca)
Vice President: unfilled
Immediate Past President: Caroline Startin (not elected)
Secretary: Wendy Seward (info@vhwsg.ca)
Treasurer: Tracy Brennan  (treasurer@vhwsg.ca)
Membership Chair: Lynne Kemper (membership@vhwsg.ca)
Newsletter Editor: Merrilee Hoen (newsletter@vhwsg.ca)
Program Chair: Barbara (Bobbie) Williams (programs@vhwsg.ca)
Workshop Chair: Cora Timothy (workshops@vhwsg.ca)

Standing Committee Chairs

ANWG Rep: Alix Lines
Equipment Manager: Glenda Sedgwick (equipment@vhwsg.ca)
Historian: Christine Purse
Hospitality Co-ordinator: Heather MacKay
Librarian: Florence Coleridge (library@vhwsg.ca)
Outreach Chair: unfilled position  (outreach@vhwsg.ca)
Scholarship Chair: Marguerite Mousseau (scholarships@vhwsg.ca)
Standards Chair: Anita Salmon
Website Co-ordinator: Laura Proctor(website@vhwsg.ca)
Zoom Co-ordinator – Glenda Sedgwick (zoom@vhwsg.ca)

Guild Documents

Online Admin Documents: Yellow Folders, Meeting Notes, Media files

Expense Report:  Please fill out the following form and present it to the Treasurer for reimbursement. Cheques will not be issued without a complete report. You must save the filled form on your computer before sending it to treasurer@vhwsg.ca

Download Expense Report