VHWSG Anniversary Fashion Show Frequently Asked Questions

The Fashion Show itself is May 5, 2024, starting at 1 pm, at at the Victoria Scottish Community Centre at 1803 Admirals Road.  Parking is limited, so carpooling or using public transportation is encouraged.

March 27, 2024 is the deadline for submitting the entry form.
Garments can be dropped off at two locations on April 5 and 6, 2024. An email was sent out to guild members with instructions for drop-off.  Other arrangements can be made by request by sending an email to show@vhwsg.ca .

  1. Must I sew it myself?
    1. No, you can have someone else sew it for you as long as you identify that in your submission. You can even hire a tailor as long as you disclose that.
  2. Can I submit a knitted or crocheted item if I use commercial yarns?
    1. Yes. We are interested in showing off the skills of our members. Not everyone is a spinner but you may be a fabulous knitter. We want to see!
  3. Can I use commercial fabric in my handwoven garment?
    1. Yes. The majority must be handwoven and you must disclose which fabrics are commercial in your submission.
  4. Can I use my own pattern?
    1. Definitely. Make sure you mention that in your submission. And, if you use a commercial pattern, you must identify that in your submission as well.
  5. Can I work in partnership with someone?
    1. Yes, as long as that is explained in your submission. The contributions of each person must be clearly explained.
  6. How do I choose a category?
    1. Use your best judgement. Read the descriptions and match your garment to the one you feel suits it best.
  7. Why do you need the size of my garment?
    1. To make it easy to match it to the models who will display it during the fashion show. Best fit equals best display.
  8. Why are you asking for so much information in the submission?
    1. To help the judges make their best decisions. If they can understand how much work and skill has gone into a creation, they can make a supported decision for awarding prizes.
  9. Why do you need the entries submitted so early?
    1. The judges will be meeting initially on April 10 to review all entries.  If needed, another judging day will be set up.  The organizers also need time to draft the descriptions that will be shared at the Fashion Show.
  10. What do you mean when you say it must be created in 23/24? I have fabric I wove 2 years ago.
    1. You are welcome to use materials from your stash. Fabric woven years ago, yarn spun years ago and ‘aged’ gently in the cupboard, even commercial fabric that’s been sitting around. (see FAQ # 3).
  11. What are the judges looking for?
    1. The judges will look for fabric and purpose suitability (does the fabric and the garment choice make sense?), fabric details (interesting pattern, or finishing options), technique and skill, quality of finishing (fabric, pressing, buttonholes, loose threads, hems and edges, etc.), specific details relating to the category (is it local fibre?, how was recycled fabric used?, etc.)