Open for submissions. All photos added here will be displayed on this website on the Show & Tell pages. Submitting your photos means you agree to this use. Let the show begin!

Fibre creations for the May 2022 Show & Tell must be items made during the Pandemic. Two years of creations to share!! You must submit your own photos – use the form below (2M maximum) or send your photos and information directly by email to (5M maximum please.)

We will have a special Challenge for items with the theme of Spring. You can enter any Show & Tell item as long as you include your inspiration for the Challenge theme of Spring. You do not need to submit a second form – just be sure to check the box “Is this item to be entered in the Challenge?”


Click here to submit your photo

  • Please submit only one item at a time – one form or email per item. This will be a big help!
  • If using the form, please ensure that your photos are less than 2M in size. Larger than that and your file will be rejected.
  • Please use the email address you have registered with the guild – photos submitted from other email addresses will be rejected (to protect us from accepting computer-virus infected files.)
  • If sending email directly to , please include the following information:
    Maker’s Name:
    Description of Item:
    Your inspiration:
    Is this item to be entered in the Challenge?

If your photo is too large for the form, try sending email directly: