Join in to share your skills and meet other members. Bring your spinning, knitting, baskets to work on. Bring your questions – we will all pitch in to help you answer them. This is an informal time to get to know each other and share our knowledge and interests.

Come and share your knowledge about  “Preparation of Fleece”. We will walk you through the various steps and tools involved:

  1. Skirting,
  2. Scouring,
  3. Removing Vegetable Matter (VM),
  4. Picking,
  5. Combing,
  6. Carding and
  7. Spinning.

Members (and visitors) will be able to see (and try out) different hand combs, hand carders, and drum carders. There will also be a demonstration with the picker. Attendees are welcome to bring clean fibre that they would like to practice on. The venue does not permit us to demonstrate the different scouring techniques, but we will be able to discuss them and help you determine which process to use for your particular fleece. This is a timely Drop-In topic, given that Fibrations 2019 is on August 18, and there will be vendors with fleeces!

As a side note, it is always a good idea to be up to date on your tetanus shot if you are handling fleece and playing with sharp items. You can make an appointment with your physician to get a tetanus shot.

Community Living Victoria, 3861 Cedar Hill Cross Road, Victoria
If the weather is nice, we will be set up with tables under the trees by the parking lot.

  • The Natural Dye Interest Group will have an informal meeting during the Drop-in to share experiments from the past month.
July Drop-In: Fleece Preparation