This workshop is currently FULL. If people are interested in another workshop with Kim, we can start a waitlist. Please email

This Workshop will be on line, a computer with Zoom video and audio will be required to participate in the workshop. The workshop is planned for later in Sept/21 but we are required to confirm participation by March. If you are interested in taking the workshop, please email to confirm.

Workshop Description:

Session I:            Backward Worsted Draft Twist and its Nuances

Session II:           2 Ply yarns

Session III:          3 ply yarns

Note: Students would spin singles as homework for Part II and Part III. Also leaving about 2 weeks between Part I and II gives people time to spin the singles for the plying exercises in Part II. Part III can be one week after Part II as there is not as much homework.


Backward Worsted Draft Workshop with Kim McKenna – FULL