7-9 pm March 21, 2023

The Guild’s 89th birthday party will include:

  • skill building demos,
  • stash-busting tables and
  • show and tell.

Thank you to the following people who have offered to do demonstrations for us:

Michelle Sterk – DIY silk reeling

Trish Baer – Spinning with a quill attachment on a pocket wheel

Bobbie Williams – Weaving stitched double cloth

Laura Proctor (and the Dyer’s Interest Group) – Growing dye plants, dye seed exchange (bring seeds if you have any to share)

Aja Norgaard – Spinning demonstration

The Guild Permanent Collection – A selection of mainly woven articles made by guild members which the Guild has collected over the years.

Leftovers and Scraps – Ideas for using up handwoven and/or spun samples and handwoven and/or spun, and commercial scraps left over from other projects. Jean Betts and Christine Purse

AND beginning this month:

The Bingo Challenge presented to you by The Organizers (Brenda, Beatrice, Raven and Jill). This will last from March to the October meeting, where you can bring in at least some of the items you have created, your bingo card and with any luck win a Bingo prize. Anyone willing to contribute a prize please contact one of The Organizers. For full details read on read on …

March Guild Meeting – Our 89th Birthday!!