The Guild Book Sale is underway! For the time being, the sale is open to guild members only.

The Guild Book Sale is going well, but there are still lots of books and magazines available at $2 for books/audio/visual and $1 for a bundle of about 5 magazines. There are revised book, magazine and audio/visual lists now posted to the website. Check out the selection of videos and DVD’s on various aspects of spinning, weaving and dyeing in the audio/visual list. If you are the kind of person who learns better by seeing than reading, you should consider some of the following titles:

In Praise Of Simple Cloth, Buchanan, Rita, DVD
Beginning Four Harness Weaving, Chandler, Deborah, VHS
Spinning Cotton On The Charkha, Hallman, Eileen, DVD
Combing Fiber, Russo, Robin, DVD
Color Interaction For Handweavers, Sullivan, Donna, VHS

At present, the sale is only open to guild members, but beginning Monday May 31, we will open it to other guilds so now is your chance.

Send your list to

Lists of books, audio-video items and magazines, along with information about how to buy them, are on the website.

The sale begins on May 17th. For more information, check the May newsletter and the website.

Guild Book, Audio-Visual & Magazine Sale