Date: March 11th /23.  Workshop will be a full day, you will need to bring your lunch and drinks.

Register no later than Feb 15/23 Register here

Number of participants: 8-10 spinners

Cost: $120/person for VHWSG members OR $160/person for non-members.

Instructor: Vanessa Bjerreskov (Master Spinner graduate 2017)
Yarn Construction for Fibre Artists: What makes certain yarns better for certain projects? Why do a perfectly lovely yarn and a great pattern sometimes just not work out? Yarn construction impacts the suitable end use of a yarn. When you are attempting to figure out a pattern for stash yarn, or trying to find yarn for a pattern, it’s important to know how yarn construction factors interact so you can make an informed decision.

Workshop Description:

Yarn Construction for Spinners (one-day workshop): Following up on the February lecture, Vanessa Bjerreskov will join spinners of the VHWSG for a day experimenting with yarn construction techniques. Break out of your default spin in thoughtful and deliberate ways and create the yarn that will work for the end use you envision! We’ll also examine different fibres and make decisions about how best to spin them for great end products.

Experience Needed: This would be a beginner/intermediate class; ability to spin a consistent singles on a wheel, some experience spinning with woollen techniques would be good but is not essential. For spindle-only spinners, I can accommodate them if they have experience with both suspended and supported spindles.

(FULL) Workshop – Yarn Construction for Spinners by Vanessa Bjerreskov